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by docpop

In one of my other articles, I described, and linked to, a variety of top-notch freeware games.  But the reality is that no single article could cover every good free game available on the internet.  Many high-quality games did not make my first list but were just as deserving as some of those that did.

Here are a few more worthwhile freeware games available online:

-Minigolf Maniacs.   This is a commercially developed minigolf game that ran into problems and was later redesigned and released by a different studio than the one that started its development.  The original form of the game is now freeware.

-Minigolf Master 2.  The realtime 3d sequel to the better “Minigolf Master: Miniverse”, was released as freeware also.

-Simutrans.  Another open source Transport Tycoon remake.

-Fancy Pants Adventures.  A fun stylized platformer, that’s well worth playing.

-UFO: Alien Invasion.  An XCOM variant.

-Alien Arena.  Plays like an Unreal Tournament/Quake 3 hybrid.  It’s a great free FPS.

-Scorched 3d.  Scorched Earth.  In 3d.

-Combat Arms.  Tactical military FPS.  Great quality.

-Desert Operations.  An RTS game, really nice quality.

-Out of Order.  Graphics are poor, but it’s great if you like old-school adventure games.  Good sense of humor and story make this a deserving title.

-AGD King’s Quest remakes.
These guys redid the oldest King’s Quest games and put them online as freeware.

-Nick Bounty Adventure Series.
These guys made some fantastic free film-noirish adventure games, before being hired by Telltale Games.

-America’s Army 3.  The U.S. military made this action game in hopes of recruiting gamers to shoot real guns in real wars.   Regardless of your political views or your opinion on the war in Iraq, this is definitely a polished game with good graphics, and if you like FPS games, this one is worth trying. 

-I’ve saved arguably the best for last.  Portal.  I recently found out that Portal, yes, PORTAL – an exceptional game by Valve – is free right now.   But this is only until May 24th.  So it’s only going to be free for a few days, presumably as a gimmick to draw attention to the game leading up to release of Portal 2.  Still, this certainly deserves to be mentioned.  It’s a great first-person puzzle game with a solid story.

Written by matthornb

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